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GNCC Podium Sweep

May 2, 2016 2:25:31 PM

In the XC2 Pro Lites division, Coastal Racing/Husqvarna/MSR’s Craig Delong added another $125 Hot Cams Holeshot Award to his resume, but his teammate Layne Michael took home his first win of the season after completing a consistent race. N-Fab AmPro Yamaha’s Nick Davis managed to work his way from a dead last start to follow in second. After grabbing the holeshot, Delong would fall back to 12th on the first lap and recover to round out the podium in third. Trail Jesters Racing’s Ben Kelley and Kentucky native Vance Francis complete the top five. The current XC2 Pro Lites points leader, JCR Honda/Lucas Oil/Maxxis/FLY Racing’s Trevor Bollinger, had a mechanical issue and had to get towed back to his pits ultimately taking him out of the race.

GNCC Sweep 


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Irvine, CA - Sometimes the most important things are the ones you can’t see. Case and point the humble inner tube. Unlimited horsepower and the trickest suspension in the world are useless if you are sitting on the side of the trail with a flat tire. The Malcolm Smith Racing Heavy Duty and Ultra Heavy Duty tubes are purpose-built to prevent you from getting stranded in the middle of Baja, getting pissed in the piste of Dakar or wherever your riding adventures may take you!

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Caught In A Funnelweb

Apr 20, 2016 9:21:55 AM


Irvine, CA — It may not be the proverbial building of a better mousetrap, but the FunnelWeb air filter system is definitely an innovative solution to a dirty problem. Named after an Australian spider, this filter was specifically designed to catch more dirt!

“Honestly, if you don’t ride long and hard and in extreme conditions, you may not need a filter this good,” says Jason Gearld, Brand Manager for Malcolm Smith Racing Hard Parts. “It’s for those who ride in extremely dusty conditions, deep mud, pouring rain, hours on end.” 

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Justin Jones scored the Pro win in an eventful Big 6 round.

The third round of the AMA District 37 Big 6 GP series had a massive turnout at Glen Helen Raceway this weekend. When all the racing of day one was done, the top man was Ox Motorsports rider Justin Jones, who won the Pro race after 90 minutes of plot twists and drama. The first controversy of the day was the firewood pit, which created carnage on the first lap. The obstacle was originally designed by Ty Davis for the Prairie Dog’s Last Dog Standing a year ago. Most of the later classes ended up stuck in a massive bottleneck there. Eventually, club officials routed riders around the problem, then tried to put it back in, then took it out again. The subsequent rerouting worked in favor of some riders and against others. Early leader Blayne Thompson of Fasthouse Racing was one rider who lost big on the second lap through the obstacle, getting passed by both Jones and Dalton Shirey.  Thompson then settled in, repassed Jones and began an epic battle with Shirey. In the meantime, Colton Udall was battling with Jeff Loop and Robby Bell–Bell was doing well despite having a nasty case of the flu.

Thompson got back in the lead, but then tried to stretch his fuel range a little too far. He ran out of gas, giving the lead back to Shirey. Shortly after that, Udall started catching Jones. When the two Ox Motorsports riders got together they both picked up the pace and started catching Shirey. It all came down to the final lap as the three riders closed up. Dalton might have had enough cushion to bring it home, but it wasn’t to be. He fell on the final lap. Shortly after that, Udall passed Jones. “I held the lead for about 100 feet,” he said later. “I got tangled up with a lapped rider and Justin squeezed by.” From there all the way to the finish, the two Honda riders pinned it, with Jones holding out. Shirey was third, and fourth overall wend to the top Pro 2 rider, Trevor Stewart.

West Coast GP Pro class

1 Justin Jones (Hon)
2 Colton Udall (Hon)
3 Dalton Shirey (Hus)
4 Jeff Loop (Yam)
5 Eric Yorba (KTM)
6 Blayne Thompson
7 Justin Seeds (Kaw)
8 Robby Bell (Kaw)
9 Ryan Reina (Kaw)
10 Michael DelFante (Yam)

Pro 2
1 Trevor Stewart (Yam)
2 Beau Baron (Hon)
3 Mitch Anderson (KTM)
4 Mason Ottersberg
5 Jarett Megla (Hon)

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Mar 4, 2016 6:46:19 PM

The second round of the 2016 Kenda Full Gas Sprint Enduro Series presented by Moose Racing took place at the home of the Alligator Enduro in Bunnell, Florida, March 2-3. After two days of playing around in the deep sand and bogs, not to mention miles of whoops, N-Fab AmPro Yamaha’s Daniel Milner came away with the overall win for the second time in a row.



Daniel Milner topped both days of competition. Photography by Jason Hooper

After the first day, the Aussie, Milner, led the field by 11 seconds and extended that to 15 seconds following the second and last day of competition.

Second overall went to Rockstar Energy Husqvarna’s Josh Strang, followed by FAR KR4 Performance Husky rider Thad DuVall.

FMF KTM’s Russell Bobbitt and SRT Off-Road KTM rider Cory Buttrick rounded out the top five overall.

Another Aussie, Mackenzie Tricker, topped the Women’s Pro class over Red Bull’s Tarah Gieger and Ride MPS/Bonzi Racing’s Brooke Cosner.

The top Amateur for the event was Argentinian Luciano Benavides, who took the win in the Open A class at round one and again at round two.

The youth overall went to Silas Powers who took the Supermini 12-15 win.

Overall Results

  1. Daniel Milner 1:06:26.731   Yamaha
  2. Josh Strang 1:06:41.241   Husqvarna
  3. Thad DuVall 1:06:58.663   Husqvarna
  4. Russell Bobbitt 1:07:23.929   KTM
  5. Cory Buttrick 1:07:46.192   KTM
  6. Drew Higgins 1:07:54.027   KTM
  7. Evan Smith 1:07:58.605   KTM
  8. Garrett Edmisten 1:08:29.856   Yamaha
  9. Jordan Ashburn 1:08:31.780   KTM
  10. Jason Klammer 1:09:35.576   KTM
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MSR's Jonny Walker Tackles TKO

Aug 25, 2015 8:46:07 AM

;In boxing, TKO stands for a “Technical Knock Out” but in off-road racing circles TKO means the “Tennessee Knockout” Extreme Enduro. Taking place at the Trials Training Center in Sequatchie, Tennessee, August 15-16 the world’s best riders squared off in a revolutionary head-to-head format. And like the revolutionary war, the event boiled down to a battle between British Hard Enduro star Jonny Walker and American defending TKO champ Cody Webb. 

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